Resources for Online Workshops

In the wake of COVID-19 in early 2020, The Carpentries community came together to share experiences, tips, and best practices for teaching online. This page lists all the resources developed and links to ongoing conversations by The Carpentries Core Team and community on different platforms.

Resources by The Carpentries

The Carpentries convened a Task Force to address the urgent demand for online Carpentries workshops as communities have shifted to distance work across the globe. The Task Force concluded its work on April 1, with an initial set of guidelines for teaching, supporting, and communicating about fully online versions of all Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, and Software Carpentry workshops.

Resources by Community

Carpentries community members have written many blog posts and facilitated several webinars on this topic and they are listed below. If you are looking to write a blog post on your experiences from online workshops, check out the blog post prompts section.

Blog posts

Blog post prompts

Review these if you are looking to write about your teaching experiences:

  1. How many learners were in the workshop and were they distributed locally (if locally, where?) or globally?

  2. What other important contextual information can you give about the workshop?

    • When was it held, over what period of time?

    • Which lessons were taught?

    • Were there asynchronous portions or was it all live

      • If there was an asynchronous element to your workshop, did you create any resources that you can link to / share with the broader Carpentries community?

    • How many instructors and helpers were there? What were the roles?

  3. What worked well for this workshop? Were there specific technologies or tools that you used that you would recommend? Please describe how the tools were used and what you would recommend in terms of their usage.

  4. What challenges came up during the workshop. These can be challenges in teaching online or general challenges (It is important to know what aspects of the workshop experience remains the same regardless of online or in-person)

  5. In migrating the content of the workshop online, what did you learn? Were there portions of the curriculum that were easier to modify for hosting online?

  6. What do you wish you had known or considered before the workshop? What preparation would have been helpful in delivering the workshop?

  7. Which resources (e.g. blog posts, carpentries recommendations) did you use prior to the workshop

    • Were they helpful?

    • How would you adapt the resources post workshop.

  8. Would you be willing to share your experience briefly in a Themed Discussion session around running online workshops in the future? If yes, we would afford you a 5-15 minute slot to share your experiences. How much time would you need?

Webinars and Community Calls

Other Relevant Resources

Discussions in Carpentries Socials