Selecting Tags for your Carpentries Blog

We recently decided to clean up the tags we use on The Carpentries blog so as to help everyone in our community to find posts they are interested in more easily. Below is a set of categories to help you determine which tags to include in your posts for The Carpentries blog. Remember, less is more with tags - one would be optimal, but a maximum of three would suffice, should there be a need for it.

If in doubt over what tags to attach to your post, email community[at]carpentries[dot]org and we will help you pick one.

By Region

In case the post you intend to publish reports on activities carried out by The Carpentries in a specific region, or holds an invitation target at a geographical subset of our community, please add a region tag, such as Africa, Latin America, Australasia.

By Carpentry

Since the Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry merger, and the inclusion of Library Carpentry as a lesson program of The Carpentries, we have realised the need to share relevant posts from each of the three sources with The Carpentries community. As such, cross-posted posts on The Carpentries blog will be tagged Library Carpentry, Data Carpentry or Software Carpentry to indicate their original source.

Carpentries Tagathon

For posts in the Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry and Software Carpentry blog, there is no need to add Carpentry-specific tags as all posts in the respective blogs are already specific to each Carpentry.

By Thematic Focus

Our core team at The Carpentries works on projects that have specific themes attached to them i.e. Assessment, Equity and Inclusion. Additionally, as a community-led organisation, we often incorporate pertinent discussions into our ongoing work and communicate regularly about those i.e. Accessibility and Roadmaps for achieving specific goals.

By Community Activity

The Carpentries has many different activities aimed at bringing our community members together for learning, sharing, discussions, collaboration online and in-person. Remember to tag posts by the appropriate community activity i.e. Workshops, Events (Conferences not organised by the Carpentries, Hackathons, Meetups, Research Bazaars, Hacky Hours, etc), Discussion Sessions, Feedback, Translations etc

By Carpentries-centric Initiatives

The Carpentries team, with the support and oversight of various committees and task forces, carries out initiatives such as the Membership program, the Lessons Program, community-wide Communications, the Regional Coordinators program, our Instructor Development program, Curriculum and Code of Conduct. In communicating about these, strive to use eponymous tags.

By Resource Genre

The Carpentries blog is home to many types of resources i.e. Skillshare posts on how to use different tools and achieve specific tasks in various programming languages or platforms, reports on community-wide progress, or governance by the Executive Council, Book Reviews by different members of the community, etc