General Usage

The Carpentries offers the use of our Etherpads as collaborative note taking tool during workshops, training events, and other Carpentries related events. A list of our most commonly used pads and other resources can be found on our pad-of-pads. This list is manually created and typically only includes pads of interest to the general community. It will not include pads specific to single events or groups.

A new Etherpad can be created by appending a descriptive name to the url, such as

Pads are synchronised as you type, so that everyone viewing this page sees the same text. This allows everyone to collaborate seamlessly on documents.

Use of this service is restricted to members of The Carpentries community; this is not for general purpose use (for that, try

Users are expected to follow our code of conduct. All content is publicly available under the Creative Commons Attribution License.


While Etherpads are generally reliable, you may find an Etherpad not loading as expected. In this case, you can try appending /export/html to an Etherpad’s url. For example, if is not loading, it may be possible to recover its text by going to This text content can then be copied and pasted to a new Etherpad. Note this will not preserve the Etherpad’s history. The chat will often still be active in the broken Etherpad, so it is recommended that you link to the new Etherpad in the broken Etherpad’s chat.

If other Etherpad issues arise, please contact us at and a team member will help you troubleshoot.

See Also

CodiMD is another collaborative note taking platform used by the community members.