Mentoring Groups Workflow

This workflow was set up to guide the Instructor Development Committee Mentoring Chair in running The Carpentries Mentoring Groups.

Preparing to Run Mentoring Groups

Recruiting Mentors and Mentees

Setting Up Mentoring Groups

  • E-mail mentors with mentee assignments

  • Use the results of the mentor and mentee applications to match one mentor with 4-5 mentees.

  • Add mentor/mentee assignments to the Mentoring Groups Etherpad.

  • Add mentor and mentee contact information to this spreadsheet to generate certificates at the end of the program.

  • Host Mentor Onboarding

Mid-Program Tasks

  • Send Mentoring Groups the Mid-Program Survey

  • Review Mentoring Group Mid-Program Survey Results and address issues as needed.

Wrapping Up Mentoring Groups

  • Schedule Mentoring Groups Virtual Showcase

    • Add the dates for the Virtual Showcase to the community calendar.

  • E-mail the mentoring groups with instructions for completing their slide for the Virtual Showcase

  • See past virtual showcase presentations in this folder

  • Create certificate for mentors and mentees

  • Send Mentoring Groups the Post-Program Survey

  • Review Mentoring Groups Post-Program Survey Results and add highlights to the wrap-up blog post.

  • Write wrap-up blog post for mentoring groups

  • Add a summary statement on Mentoring Groups wrap-up to Carpentries Clippings, our community newsletter