Can I call my workshop a SWC/DC workshop

We'd like for you to teach from our lessons on your first-time out. This is because going off-script is fraught with peril and we think you can develop your own understanding of what can and will go wrong while not introducing a large number of new uncertainties.
That being said, once you're comfortable as an instructor, we feel strongly that innovating or riffing on the lessons is a way in which we grow. This can largely be left up to your own discretion if you're running internal events for your coworkers. However, if you open up an event to outsiders to attend and you call it Software Carpentry, our rules are that you 1) Use our lessons and 2) teach all three of Shell, Programming (R, Python, Matlab) and Git lessons.
You're able to teach anything at all and call it "inspired by Software Carpentry", but if you want to advertise it and say 'Come to our Software Carpentry workshop" we ask that you please conform to our guidelines above. We're a dynamic community, and we're aware that these rules are somewhat limiting, we also know that we have a strong brand identity among researchers as to what is expected when they go to a workshop called "Software Carpentry".
Thank you for taking the steps to become an instructor in our community and thank you for reaching out to clarify!