How can I find out what's on?

There are lots of ways to connect with us and find out what's coming up.

You can find upcoming events, such as our regular community calls, on our community calendar

These include our regular instructor discussions, where people debrief about past workshops or discuss preparing for new ones.

Conference-goers can find other Carpenters via our meetups page.

Stay in touch via our newsletter - you can subscribe here or read issues you might have missed

Join one of our email lists, such as the discuss list, or regional lists such as Australia/New Zealand

The Software Carpentry blog and our Twitter feed provide other avenues to stay in touch, as does our slack channel (for both Carpentries). See also Data Carpentry's blog and Twitter feed. 

We also engage people directly in discussions via our lessons on GitHub. People raise all kinds of issues, and discussions can get quite lengthy. 

We also have a super-etherpad which is great for finding links to other etherpads so you can quickly get to the activity you are looking for.